YO HO Me Harties YO HO!

If ye been searching the nine seas for information about our Pirate Adventure then ye’ve found the X on the map!

I would like to use this site as our main port of call for our little seafaring adventure. It seems like it could be a really helpful place for us to organize our information, track our character progression, and log our amassing treasure trove!


There’s too much to pillage and plunder to waste any more time here lollygagging! The wind seems to be in our favor boys so raise anchor, unfurl the sails, and set our course for adventure!

Adventure Setting

You can find the summary of our first adventure together below:

The Adventure Sets Sail

I’ve included a link to a naval combat page that I think you all might find interesting. We’ve never done ship to ship combat (not saying it’s going to happen, but I’d give it a glance!).

Swimming Rules

Naval Combat

Underwater Combat

A Pirate's Life For Me

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